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I had no idea how much work I was getting myself into when I began to plan for this trip. Joyce was still working and it seemed an eternity before it would be time to really really get everything ready to go.
I think I should explain how we travel. I call it the Quasi backpacker. That is we have backpacks that have both straps and wheels. We stay in hostels but take a private room with bath. If the budget is strained we can compromise on the private bath. We use public transportation and arrange all our own itineraries. We occasionally rent a car and occasionally take a night in a upscale hotel. We travel a lot on a very limited budget and because of our ability to plan our own trips we, on a limited budget, have access to the world.

Three months maybe more maybe less. Thats how long we are planning on being gone. This is the first time we have been able to plan a trip with one way plane tickets and no real final destination in mind. The trip started out with the idea we would fly from San Francisco to Singapore. Take a train up the Malaysian peninsula as far as Bangkok. We would fly round trip from Bangkok to Angor Wat in Cambodia then fly home from Bangkok. Things mushroomed from there with Joyce's idea that since we are going that far why not fly to China, and since I had wanted to return to Viet Nam we could see Vietnam, and since it was right next door to Cambodia we could see Cambodia, and since it was right next to Laos why not drop in on the Laotions, and since that was right next door to Thailand we could visit the Thais, and after all they were right there by Burma{Myanmar}so we might as well say hello to the Burmese, while we were in the neighborhood and we could then go on to Malaysia and finally end up in Singapore. That is now the plan. OK.

Now we are purchasing a laptop and setting up a blog and picture site and learning Chinese and making arrangements for the cat and the houseplants. One way plane tickets to Beijing China have been purchased and hostel reservations have been made in Beijing. That is as far out as our super flexible itinerary is set so far. Tibet seems to be calling out "come visit me since you are in the neighborhood" As I said Beijing is as far as we have planned so far. China appears to be an amazing country. One could spend a lifetime in China and never see it all. We have to get our China visas before we leave. Vietnam and Burma (Myanmar) both require visas prior to arrival but the Vietnam visa can be obtained in China and the Myanmar visa can be obtained in Thailand.
We have our chinese visa's so we won't be turned away in China. We have our plane tickets. We have the bills arranged so they are all paid automatically. We have maps and websites with tons of information. Now it's just the odd loose ends and practicing our chinese.